A collection of 2,222 unique NFTs living on the Elrond Blockchain

Bears have different backgrounds, accessories, and races, but they all want to build a better world with respect & love for each other

If you want to help the bears, join us and help make a better world

Your 4K Elrond Bears doubles as your Bears Club membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to passive income , private discord channel and futur areas & perks



When you buy a 4K Elrond Bears, you’re not simply buying an avatar. You are gaining membership access to our club whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your 4K Elrond Bears can serve as your digital identity, and open digital doors for you through the community.

Full Transparency

We believe in complete ownership and fair distribution within our community. Which is why we have put a strong emphasis on security of our community members thanks to Blockchain. You will be able to visualize in all transparency the wallets and smartcontract of our community.


We will be offering regular prizes in multiple forms, such as drops, sneak-peaks, merchandise, and more! Our goal is to constantly give back to our community who supports us in this evolution. Moreover, you belong to our community with private channels, meetups, etc.




Passionate about crypto, Remi also has experience in the design area. He is in charge of managing and developing the community.


The developer behind the smart contracts of the Elrond Bears project and the website as well. He comes from a engineer background.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Elrond Bears?

The 4K Elrond Bears, are a collection of 2222 bears generated in 4K and made in 3D. It is a collection of bear characters with many different personality traits and accessories. Having a 4K Elrond Bears makes you a member of the community and a major player in the community's strategic decisions! You will be able to vote on the Discord server to validate the next NFT drops, their prices and other questions the community has.

How much are they?

This collectible prides itself in fair distribution and giving everyone and anyone the possibility to be part of this membership. The initial launch price will start at 0.6 EGLD.

How to buy an 4K Elrond Bears ?

You can buy a 4K Elrond Bears, either through connecting your wallet to our DApp website for the minting phase or purchasing them on Deadrare, Isengard, etc in the future.

Why Elrond?

We strongly believe that the Elrond blockchain is revolutionary and in line with the values that the team defends through this project. We place the contribution to the development of Elrond as one of our priorities. The fees are minimal and allow everyone to join our fabulous community.

What is the percentage of royalties on Bears?

The royalty percentage for Elrond 4K bears is set at 4%. To encourage the resale and sharing of our community to as many people as possible.